Archives - Measure for Measure

by William Shakespeare

Directed by Keith Bridgeman

Wednesday 3rd – Saturday 6th December 1986 in the Auditorium

Angelo falls passionately in love with Isabella, a nun, and uses every power as ruler of Vienna to possess her.

“This is a play as full of genius as it is of wisdom”. (W. Hazlett)

Part of the Barn’s 1986/1987 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Vincentio-George Blee
Angelo-Brian Carman
Escalus-Desmond Harper
Claudio-Steve Ansell
Lucio-Dick Breeze
Another Like Gentleman-Slade de Lacey
Provost-George Davidson
Friar-Adrian Watling
Elbow-Rob Wallace
Froth-Slade de Lacey
Pompey-Colin Bell
Abhorson-Norman Merry
Barnadine-David Valler
Justice-Adrian Watling
Isabella-Katherine Rook
Mariana-Hazel Halliday
Juliet-Sarah Pearce
Francisca-Sarah Pearce
Mistress Overdone-Jo Davies
Boy-Daniel Mason

Creative team

Director-Keith Bridgeman
Stage Manager-Norman Merry
Assistant Stage Managers-Paul Goring
Andy McShane
Set Design & Construction-Clyde Wilson
Set Painting-Mike Goring
Lighting-David McCallum
Sound-Steve Wilson
Wardrobe-Deborah Thompson
Phaedra Thompson
Properties-Jean Amato
Prompter-Carole Dale
Refreshments-Dorothy Otterburn
Production Secretary-Amanda Smith

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