Archives - New Directors’ Showcase

Directed by Martyn Jolly, Janie Barnes and Lynsey Seddon

Friday 27th October – Saturday 4th November 2006 at 8pm in the Auditorium

3 one-act plays


by Michael Frayn. Directed by Martyn Jolly

Stephen and Jo have invited to dinner, amongst others, their old friend Bee with her new boyfriend Alex. To their horror, they discover that they’ve also invited Bee’s abandoned husband Barney. Stephen and Jo fight, in vain, to keep them all apart.

This one-act play was Frayn’s inspiration behind his full-length mega-success Noises Off.

A Gaggle of Saints

by Neil Labute. Directed by Janie Barnes

In this piece, taken from Bash, a collection of darkly brilliant one-act plays, a young Mormon couple separately recount the violent events of an anniversary weekend in New York City.

After Liverpool

by James Saunders. Directed by Lynsey Seddon

Set today, this modern drama explores the reality of impossible relationships through a banter that is familiar to us all. Through a variety of scenes involving three mismatched couples, we watch them rise and fall, but will they bring themselves to leave?

The dialogue is both funny and thought-provoking, which will strike a chord with us all.

Part of the Barn’s 2006/2007 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Jo-Natalie Gordon
Stephen-Chris Janes
Children’s Voices-Hannah Janes
Harry Janes
Director-Martyn Jolly
Set Design and Construction-Paul Molyneux
Properties-Jean Amato
Belinda Putley
Costumes-Lou Underwood
Stage Manager-Briony Gatier
Paul Molyneux
Rehearsal Prompt-Gill Millinger
Sound Design-James Rowles
Photography-Dave Goodall

A Gaggle of Saints

Sue-Lauren Christy
John-Adam Shorey
Director-Janie Barnes
Wardrobe-Janie Barnes

After Liverpool

Couple 1-Rosie Swanson
Tallan Cameron
Couple 2-George Marsh
Danny Swanson
Couple 3-Jan Palmer Sayer
George Blee
Director-Lynsey Seddon
Producer-Louise Wallace
Stage Manager-Derek Palmer
Deputy Stage Manager-Briony Gatier
Lighting-Brenda Onyon
Sound-James Rowles

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