Clive's Christmas Quiz Prize - Champagneze

DAY 12

Clive's Christmas Quiz

Win yourself a bottle of bubbly! Just answer the following 10 questions and that’s it!!

It could be coming your way!!!

1. What connects the Barn’s Christmas offerings in 2005 and 2015?
2. Wham’s Last Christmas was actually a double A-side single. What was the other song?
3. How many birds in total were gifted in The Twelve Days of Christmas?
4. A manger is normally found in a barn (but not ours!). But what’s normally found in a manger?
5. In The Nightmare Before Christmas what is the name of Jack Skellington’s dog?
6. Which classic play, from our 2005 season, opens with the lines ‘Hide the Christmas tree carefully, Helen. Be sure the children do not see it until this evening, when it is dressed’?
7. Which Alan Ayckbourn play features a puppet performance of The Three Little Pigs?
8. How many ghosts visit Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol?
9. Which historic play from the Barn’s 2019 season takes place at Christmas?
10. What is the festive connection between the protagonist of the film Kes; the antagonist of Disney’s The Aristocats; and the protagonist of the stage musical Spring Awakening?


As the Barn only offers high-end alcoholic prizes, entrants must have an appreciative palate and be at least 18 years old!

The closing date for entries is midnight on 23rd December 2020. The winner will be notified by email in the New Year – if it’s not been drunk by then – Cheers!


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