Archives - Racing Demon

by David Hare

Directed by David Thompson

Friday 26th April – Saturday 4th May 1996 in the Auditorium

Rightly referred to as a ‘masterpiece’, this award-winning play is the first in David Hare’s trilogy in which each play deals with the crises facing a great British institution. Racing Demon addresses many of the problems facing the Church of England by telling the story of an inner-city team of clergymen whose liberal-minded approach is challenged by the arrival of a young curate. As the team, together and individually, strive to make sense of their role and purpose in the local community, they attract the concern and attention of the Church establishment.

Racing Demon is a play of considerable dramatic power — very moving and at times highly amusing.

Part of the Barn’s 1995/1996 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club

The Clergy

The Rev Lionel Espy-Jack Wood
The Rt Rev Charlie Allen, Bishop of Southwark-Eric Chorley
The Rev Tony Ferris-Steve Thompson
The Rev Donald ‘Streaky’ Bacon-Dick Breeze
The Rev Harry Henderson-Keith Thompson
The Rt Rev Gilbert Hefferman, Bishop of Kingston-Alan Southgate

The Laity

Frances Parnell-Jane Pennett
Stella Marr-Jenny Hastings
Heather Espy-Janet While
Ewan Gilmour-Richard Croasdale
Tommy Adair-Desmond Harper

Other Cast

Synod Members, Servers, Waiters, Tourists-Heather Batten
Laura Powell
Kate Pritchard
Sam Smith
Paul Walking
Jimmy Wong
Silvana Yemm
Members of The Company

Creative team

Director-David Thompson
Associate Producer-Tiffany While
Set Design- Grant
Lighting Design-Derek Palmer
Music and Sound-Keith Price
Stage Manager-Victoria Rive
Assistant Stage Manager-Nigel Rive
Mike Smith
Lighting Operation-Shirley Shaw
Wardrobe-Anne Classey
Tiffany While
Properties-Phoebe Johnson
Shirley Thompson
Set Construction-Andy Baker
Clyde Wilson
Steve Wilson
Prompter-Peggy Thompson
Poster Design-Jenny Collingwood
Production Secretary-Sybil Thompson

The Company would like to thank the Church of St Francis of Assisi, Welwyn Garden City; St Michael and All Angels, Hatfield and the Bishop of Bedford

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