Archives - Ring Round the Moon

by Jean Anouilh
Translated by Christopher Fry

Directed by Ray Aspey

Saturday 16th – Saturday 23rd February 1974 in the Auditorium

A chateau. Music of the dance. Eccentrics. Beautiful ladies. Diana can never be sure which twin is kissing her in the park. No-one can be sure of anything in the delicious ‘charade with music’. It has that rarity for Anouilh — a happy ending — and is as ebullient as the fireworks with which is concludes.

Part of the Barn’s 1973/1974 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Joshua-Roy Brewer
Hugo-Roy Gibbs
Frederic (Hugo’s twin brother)-Roy Gibbs
Diana Messerschmann-Janet Lloyd
Lady India-Sylvia Townend
Patrice Bombelles-Lawrence Wheatley
Madame Desmermortes-Winifred Butler
Capulat-Wendy Bowen
Messerschmann-Ron Jolly
Romainville-George Arthur
Isabelle-Rita Gigli
Isabelle’s mother-Marion Canadine
A General-David Shepherd
Footmen-Ian Johnson
Walter Plinge

Creative team

Director-Ray Aspey
Stage Manager-Stella Taylor
Assistant Stage Manager-Deborah Thompson
Set Designer-David Shepherd
Set Construction-Tony Wagstaff
Quinten Openshaw
Set Painting-Pamela Hulse
Lighting-Denys Wells
Pamela Gibson
Sound-Derrick Baldock
Costume and Wardrobe-Janet While
Cassandra Davies
Properties-Irene Gill
Marjorie Sandiford
Janet Aspey
Julia Tester
Choreography-Marjorie Bailey
Prompter-Olive Hammerton
Box Office-Esther France
House Manager-George Blee
Production Secretary-Lorraine Groom

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