Archives - Romeo and Juliet

by William Shakespeare

Directed by Mark O'Sullivan

Friday 28th January – Saturday 5th February 2005 in the Auditorium

Two households, both alike in dignity; In Fair Verona, where we lay our scene, From ancient grudge break to new mutiny, Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.

Following on from their highly acclaimed production of The Laramie Project, the Barn Senior Youth Group present their version of Shakespeare’s most famous tragedy. In a story of love and hate, violence and beauty, the star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet are a glimpse of light in a world of shadows and darkness, journeying between the heights of joy and the depths of misery.

A gripping, thrilling and moving production — not to be missed.

Part of the Barn’s 2004/2005 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Senior Youth Group


Escualus, Prince of Verona-Becky Gill
Mercutio-Sammi Searle
Paris-James Rose
Montague-Alan Ward
Lady Montague-Charlotte Pike
Romeo-Rory Ford
Benvolio-Laura Murphy
Abram-Chrissie Carter
Balthasar-Jade Bracey
Capulet-Loz Lowe
Lady Capulet-Michelle Byrne
Juliet-Lauren Christy
Tybalt-Elpida Komboyorgas
Nurse to Juliet-Katy Lockey
Sampson-Emma Absolon
Gregory-Lucinda Potter
Friar Laurence-Michael Hammond
Friar John-John Tilbury
Apothecary-Helen Davis
Company-Ashleigh Jeppesen
Alex Murden
Rosie Swanson
Amanda Tymms
Kayleigh Willson

Creative team

Director-Mark O'Sullivan
Stage Manager-Matt Cooper
Deputy Stage Manager-Caroline Walter
Stage Crew-Hayley Searle
Andrew Whyment
Production Manager-Christine Mackinven
Projections-Andrew Whyment
Lighting Design-Jon Vivash
Lighting Operator-Matt Hammond
Sound Operator-Tallan Cameron
Costumes-Jenny Gratrick
Jess Ward
Properties-Erin Smith
Set Construction-Paul Molyneux
Production and Director’s Assistant-Katie McCallum
Script Editor-Andrew Powell Eddy
Valued Support-Eric Farlie
James Rowles
Keith Thompson
John Davies
Denise Duffy
Tanya Turton
Dave Nott
Peter Holt
Sylvia Pepper

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