Archives - Separate Tables

by Terence Rattigan

Directed by Louis Davis

Saturday 30th November – Saturday 7th December 1991 in the Auditorium

The Hotel Beauregarde is a typical South coast hotel, peopled by the old and lonely.

In the first of two plays, Table No. 1, Miss Cooper, the manageress, tries to help John Malcolm and his ex-wife, Ann. They have ruined each other but might now find their salvation together.

Table No. 2 introduces Major Pollock, a bogus officer hiding behind a facade of birth and breeding, and Sybil Railton-Bell, another misfit. Once again it is Miss Cooper who gives them the courage to face life.

Part of the Barn’s 1991/1992 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Lady Matheson-Belinda Putley
Mrs Railton-Bell-Mariam Rodway
Miss Meacham-Vaughan Meyrick
Mr Fowler-Desmond Harper
Mrs Shankland-Lesley Bilton
Miss Cooper-Margaret Hakansson
John Malcolm-John Lloyd
Charles Stratton-Alun Maxwell
Jean Tanner-Hazel Halliday
Sybil Railton-Bell-Julia Spink
Major Pollock-Ron Thomas
Mabel-Kay Coppock
Doreen-Amanda Maxwell

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