Archives - Sufficient Carbohydrate

by Dennis Potter

Directed by Keith Bridgeman

Saturday 9th – Saturday 16th April 1988 in the Auditorium

This first original play for the stage by award-winning television dramatist Dennis Potter is a masterpiece of stage-craft and human perception. The crisis in the play rests on the bitter conflict of wills between two men, and yet there are episodes of humour, with which the play is constantly jolted from its expected track.

Part of the Barn’s 1987/1988 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Jack Barker-Mike Lyons
Elizabeth Barker-Shân Fisher
Eddie Vosper-David Harrold
Lucy Vosper-Sarah McCarthy
Clayton Vosper-David Green

Creative team

Director-Keith Bridgeman
Stage Manager-Norman Merry
Assistant Stage Managers-Sylvia Pepper
Jo Davies
Set Designer-Clyde Wilson
Set Builders-Martin Millard
Members of The Barn Theatre Club
Lighting-Eric Farlie
Andrew Baker
Andrew Lomas
Properties-Jean Amato
Belinda Putley
Wardrobe-Barbara Millard
Sound-Andrew Baker
James Rowles
Production Secretary-Hazel Halliday

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