Archives - The Balcony

by Jean Genet
Translated by Bernard Frechtman

Directed by Jan Sayer

Saturday 28th November – Saturday 5th December 1981 in the Auditorium

Genet, leading practitioner of the theatre of the perverse, shows us, in this intensely theatrical play, the inverted actions of characters trying desperately to fantasise themselves out of the real world only to be caught up in an all too real revolution. Or is the revolution itself a fantasy?

Part of the Barn’s 1981/1982 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


The Bishop-Lawrence Wheatley
Irma-Jo Davies
The Woman-Wendy Bage
The Thief-Helene Trevarthen
The Judge-Thomas Clarke
The Executioner-Matthew Perren
The General-Tony Cole-Hamilton
The Girl-Jenny Davies
The Beggar / The Slave-Steven Fitt
The Girl-Sally East
Carmen-Deborah Thompson
The Chief of Police-George Blee
Chantal-Shân Fisher
Roger-Neil Richardson
The Rebel-Steve Jacobs
The Envoy-Stanley Meyrick
First Photographer-Steve Jacobs
Second Photographer-Steven Fitt
Third Photographer-Charlie Freeman

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