Archives - The Cherry Orchard

by Anton Chekhov
An English version by Trevor Griffiths
From a translation by Helen Rappaport

Directed by Keith Bridgeman

Saturday 27th November – Saturday 4th December 1993 in the Auditorium

Chekov’s last play was written as a comedy but it is truly comic only in its portrayal of the attitudes of the characters to their own futures.

The demolition of the Cherry Orchard of the title can be seen as the passing of the old order and the play shows the complexities and ambiguities of both the old and the new. The Gayev family are too feckless to understand the absurdity of their future and the play is a comedy of inertia and helplessness in the face of devastating loss.

Part of the Barn’s 1993/1994 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Madame Ranevsky, Landowner-Joan Wilson
Gayev (Leon)-Clive George
Simeonov-Pischik (Boris)-Neil Gill
Lopakhin (Alexander)-David Harrold
Anya-Sarah Breeze
Varya-Hazel Halliday
Charlotte-Dianne Sells
Epikhodov (Simon)-Richard Boulton
Dunyasha-Julie Saunders
Firs (Nicholas)-Dave Davis
Yasha-Chris Lawson
Trofimov (Peter)-Joe Swanson
Station Master-Keith Price
Stranger-George Blee
Charlotte’s Dog-Ebony

Creative team

Director-Keith Bridgeman
Design-Keith Price
Lighting-John Cude
Sound-Neil Rhodes
Choreography-Amanda Richardson
Stage Manager-Lisa Phillips
Assistant Stage Manager-Robert Hayes
Madeleine Palmer
Prompter-Irene Gill
Wardrobe-Anne Classey
Properties-Sue Walters
Set Construction-Eric Farlie
Set Painting-Ron Jolly
Doreen Page
Musical Adviser-Denis Butcher
Poster Design-Jenny Collingwood
Production Secretary-Sybil Thompson

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