Archives - The Coarse Acting Show

by Michael Green

Directed by Keith Thompson

Friday 15th – Saturday 23rd October 2004 in the Auditorium

This selection of rarely-performed masterpieces by the author of the legendary Art of Coarse Acting includes The Cherry Sisters, an undiscovered Chekhov fragment, The Collier’s Tuesday Tea, combining kitchen sink with coal-mine with an irreverent glance at D.H. Lawrence and King Henry the Tenth, Part Seven from a suggestion by William Shakespeare. Plus an over-ambitious attempt to reduce an epic novel to a few scenes, Moby Dick.

Come along and see what can go wrong in amateur drama, whilst the Coarse Cast carry on, firmly believing the audience won’t notice a thing.

Part of the Barn’s 2004/2005 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club

Moby Dick

Ishmael-Bernard Usher
Landlady-Janet While
Starbuck-Lawrence Lowe
Queequeg-Richard Foster
Preacher-Keith Grewcock
Elijah-Dave Goodall
Ahab-Denis Butcher
Hideously Scarred Seaman-Martin Straus
Seaman-Wayne Griggs
Dick Breeze
Keith Grewcock
Wench, Whale operator, etc-Wendy Bage
Ann Chapman
Hedone Faulkner
Christine Mackinven
Carol Marks
Brenda Onyon
Diane Pickard
Maggy Reed
Lou Robinson
Mariam Rodway
Sybil Thompson
Tanya Turton
Janet While
Anne Woolmington

The Cherry Sisters

Veruka (Lenina Zuleika Bologna)-Anne Woolmington
Basha (Yeliena Oblonska Nogoodska)-Christine Mackinven
Gnasha (Alexandra Stalina Scholokate)-Victoria Rive
Babushka-Ann Chapman
Footrotski-Wayne Griggs
Piles-Dave Goodall
Captain Sodov-Martin Straus
Schoolmaster (Pantograf Ivan Feverovitch)-Keith Grewcock
Stationmaster (Peter Stravinsky Behanovitch Porkin)-Dick Breeze

The Collier’s Tuesday Tea

Ida Hepplethwaite-Victoria Rive
Daniel Obadiah Hepplethwaite-Richard Foster
Victoria Hepplethwaite-Diane Pickard
Albert Hepplethwaite-Lawrence Lowe
Joe Clegghorn-Dave Goodall
Margery Hackforth-Sybil Thompson
Lionel Headbracket-Wayne Griggs
PC Clement Boothroyd-Bernard Usher
Jed Throttle-Denis Butcher

King Henry the Tenth, Part Seven

Hayseed-Denis Butcher
Clodpony-Dave Goodall
Chorus-Richard Foster
Drummer-Lawrence Lowe
King Henry the Tenth-Wayne Griggs
Queen Catherine-Wendy Bage
Old Meg-Brenda Onyon
Lord Uxbridge-Lawrence Lowe
Lord Amersham-Bernard Usher
Lord Ongar-Keith Grewcock
Herald-Dick Breeze
Cuthbert, Earl of Wolverhampton-Martin Straus
Lord Dudley-Brenda Onyon
Baron Smethwick-Ann Chapman
Clown-Dave Goodall
Lady in Waiting-Diane Pickard
Maggy Reed
Lou Robinson
Priest-Denis Butcher

Creative team

Director-Keith Thompson
Stage Manager-Norman Merry
Assistant Stage Manager-Peter Anderson
Warren Martin
Sound-James Rowles
Lighting Design-Eric Farlie
Lighting Operation-Shirley Shaw
Properties-Jean Amato
Denise Duffy
Belinda Putley
Wardrobe-Janet While
Shirley Thompson
Set Building-Pat Finch
Norman Merry
Set Painting-Tanya Turton
Denise Duffy
Sarah Merry
Prompter-Barbara Foster
Gill Millinger

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