Archives - The Dickens Christmas Carol Show

by Arthur Scholey
Adapted from Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”
Music by Norman Beedie & Margaret Lion

Directed by Michael McKever

Saturday 29th December 1979 – Saturday 5th January 1980 in the Auditorium

A Christmas feast of old time melodrama with ghosts, merry sprites, jolly goodies and one wicked villain who is saved in the end. First time performed at the Barn.

Give yourselves and the kids a rest from “John Wayne”, “Pet Clarke” and “Eric and Ernie”.

Part of the Barn’s 1979/1980 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Ebenezer Scrooge-Ron Jolly
Bob Cratchit-Ron Thomas
Fred Bennison-Charlie Freeman
Charitable Ladies-Sylvia Townend
Kay Coppock
Peter Greenlaw-Bill Couzens
Marley’s Ghost-Alan Corlett
Spirit of Christmas Past-Janet Lloyd
Ben Scrooge-Christopher Morris
Fanny-Johanna Lloyd
Mr Fezziwig-Brian King
Eric Chorley
Mrs Fezziwig-Shirley Thompson
Dick-Jo Shaw
Richard Hazelwood
Ebenezer-Robert Hayes
Belle Christopher-Rosemary Hayes
Gerry Christopher-Lawrence Wheatley
Spirit of Christmas Present-Neil Gill
Peter Cratchit-Mark Townend
Emily Cratchit-Brigid Morris
Belinda Cratchit-Sarah-Jean Couzens
Robert Cratchit-Tom Baker
Martha Cratchit-Julia Tester
Tim Cratchit-Andrew Read
Mrs Cratchit-Joan Salmon
Mary Bennison-Caroline Morris
Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come-Yvonne Thomas
Merchants-Lawrence Wheatley
Alan Corlett
Mrs Dilber-Marion Canadine
Mrs Gooley-Winifred Butler
Joe Snatchley-Norman Merry
Caroline Greenlaw-Janet While
Boy-Juliet Lloyd
Singers, Guests, Wraiths, Spirits etc-Alison Argent
Sally Aspey
Tom Baker
Winifred Butler
Marion Canadine
Kay Coppock
Anne Connolly
Alan Corlett
Sarah-Jean Couzens
Catherine Felcey
Charlie Freeman
Donna Freeman
Melanie Freeman
Jackie Graham
Deborah Green
Kate Keith
Brian King
Joanna Lloyd
Juliet Lloyd
Sarah Lummis
Norman Merry
Delawney Moore
Phillipa Moore
Brigid Morris
Caroline Morris
Andrew Read
Christopher Morris
Mariam Rodway
Joan Salmon
Jo Shaw
Ron Thomas
Yvonne Thomas
Phaedra Thompson
Ruth Thompson
Shirley Thompson
Steve Thompson
Mark Townend
Sylvia Townend
Gloria Turner
Wendy Turner
Fran Warman
Helen Warman
Lawrence Wheatley
Sara While
Tiffany While

Creative team

Director-Michael McKever
Assistant Director-Carole Couzens
Musical Director-Cliff Rogers
Set Designer-Michael McKever
Costume Designer-Margaret McKever
Lighting Designer-Denys Wells
Sound-David Shaw
Choreography-Deborah Thompson
Musicians-Dave Goodall
Richard McKever
Steve Thompson
Mark Townend
Rehearsal Pianist-Dorothy Waddington
Special Dances-Terry Elvin
Stage Manager-Pat Walsh
Assistant Stage Managers-Roger Bury
Heather Freeman
Set Construction-Norman Merry
Members of The Barn Theatre Club
Set Painting & Effects-Shirley Austin
Wardrobe Mistress-Yvonne Thomas
Costumes-Juliet Lloyd
Margaret McKever
Properties-Joan Burgess
Frances Chown
Gita Crawshaw
Lighting-Andrew Gilchrist
Denys Wells
Prompter-Joan Dobbyn
Production Secretary-Julia Wilson
Front of House-Tony Freeman
Box Office-Joan Parsons

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