Archives - The Fall of the House of Usher

by Steven Berkoff

Directed by Jan Sayer

Thursday 9th April – Monday 1st June 1992


  • Letchworth Drama Festival - 9th April
    • Placed First
  • Watford SW Herts Drama Festival - 14th May
    • Placed First
    • Most Courageous Play
  • Falkirk International Drama Festival - 23rd May
    • Placed First
  • Welwyn Drama Festival - 1st June
    • Placed First
    • Best Stage Presentation
    • Behrens-Steinfeld Trophy for Best Producer for Jan Sayer

The team accepted an invitation to the National Drama Festival Association (NDFA) All-Winners Festival at Felixstowe where they took first place and received the adjudicator’s special award for Technical Presentation.

A festival entry

A one-act play

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Madeline Usher-Jan Sayer
Roderick Usher-Keith Thompson
The Servant-Lou Monzeglio
The Friend-James Harper
Other Parts-Juliet Lloyd
Emily Thompson
Sara While
Steve Thompson

Creative team

Director-Jan Sayer
Musical Director-Pat Bailey
Design-Janet While
Lighting-Simon Turner
Sound-Brenda Newey
Stage Managers-Mel Dixon
Derek Palmer

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