Archives - The Farndale Macbeth

by David McGillivray & Walter Zerlin Jr

Directed by Nigel Austin

Wednesday 22nd – Thursday 23rd January 1986 in the Auditorium

Part of the Barn’s 1985/1986 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Porter, Doctor, 2nd Murderer &Gladys-Mario Skako
2nd Witch, 1st Murderer, Malcolm, Felicity, Gentlewoman, Sexton-Sarah Pearce
1st Witch, Fleance, Duncan, Dawn-Lilian Allman
3rd Witch, Macduff, Messenger, Kate-Joe Aitken
Minnie, Banquo, Macduff’s Son-Val Turner
Mr Peach-Brian Carman
Mrs Reece, Lady Maduff-Belinda Putley
Mr Plummer-Lawrence Wheatley
Macbeth, Thelma, Ross-Jo Davies
Lady Macbeth, Henry-Dick Breeze
Mrs Ormsby-Gore-Janine Ridgeley

Creative team

Director-Nigel Austin
Stage Manager-Clyde Wilson
Assistant Stage Managers-Stephen Wilson
Heather Palmer
Set Construction-Eric Farlie
Shirley Austin
Lighting-Brenda Newey
Derek Palmer
Sound-Martin Gadd
Properties-Jean Amato
Janine Ridgeley
Prompter-Sue Grant
Costumes-Lesley Valler
Coffee-Dorothy Otterburn

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