Archives - The Government Inspector

by Nickolia V Gogol

Directed by David Shaw

Saturday 5th – Saturday 12th December 1970 in the Auditorium

A humorous, entertaining satire on Russian beaurocracy in the mid-nineteenth century. Each character is a single facet of a whole personality, expanded to life-size and then played for all its worth.

If you have seen the film The Inspector General then come along and see what Gogol really intended.

Part of the Barn’s 1970/1971 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Judge-Bill Manning
Charity Commissioner-Richard Keown
School Superintendent-Tim Gibson
Mayor-Ron Jolly
Postmaster-Peter Marsh
Peter Ivanovitch Bobchinsky-Rodney Bowen
Peter Ivanovitch Dobchinsky-Mike Davies
Svistoonov-John Cunningham
Police Superintendent-Keith Thompson
Anna-Anne Woolmington
Marya-Nicola Woodman
Yosif-Martin Hammerton
Hlestakov-Derek Palmer
Waiter-Peter Kirk
Mishka-David Smith
Abdulin-Bob Long
Second Merchant-John Essery
Third Merchant-Michael McKever
Locksmith’s Wife-Brenda Newey
Sergeant’s Wife-Sheila Izzard
Judge’s Wife-Mary Randle
Rastakovsky-Ralph Then-Bergh
Korobkin-Arthur Lloyd
Korobkin’s Wife-Sheila Izzard
School Superintendent’s Wife-Brenda Newey
Gendarme-David Smith

Creative team

Director-David Shaw
Production Manager-Pam Farlie
Production Secretary-Pamela Gibson
Stage Manager-Pam Farlie
Assistant Stage Manager-Jean Ball
Set Designer-Beth Rogers
Set Builder-Don Fisher
Members of The Barn Theatre Club
Lighting and Sound-Brian Jolly
Brian Moseley
Costumes-Kathleen Lloyd
Margaret McKever
Properties-Jane Barnwell
Prompter-Olive Hammerton
Box Office-Arthur E Bartholomew
Win Bartholomew

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