Archives - The Long Sunset

by R C Sherriff

Produced by Roy Brewer

Saturday 7th – Saturday 14th February 1970 in the Auditorium

Part of the Barn’s 1969/1970 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Marcus-Tim Gibson
Lugar-Ron Jolly
Serena-Belinda Putley
Paula-Hilary Evans
Julian-Tom Wyatt
Otho-Peter Standen
Portius-Tony Avison
Lucian-Bob Long
Arthur-Rodney Bowen
Gawaine-Peter Hogan

Creative team

Producer-Roy Brewer
Stage Manager-Pam Farlie
Lighting-Louis Davis
Assistant Stage Manager-Sally Parrott
Set Construction-David Newsham
Members of The Barn Theatre Club
Properties-Carol Bartlett
Mariam Rodway
Costume Design-Carole Carter
Wardrobe-Sandra Davies
Prompter-Janet Cunningham
Sound-Carole Muscroft
House Manager-Denis Petch
Box Office-Doris Strachan
Marjorie Bagnall
Refreshments-Lilian Tomkins
Elsie Ruderman
Publicity-Brian Jolly
Press Relations-Roy Brewer
Production Secretary-Evelyn English
Production Manager-Carolyn Annand
Set Design and Technical Adviser-Tony Rook

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