Archives - The School For Scandal

by Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Directed by Mervyn Lloyd

Saturday 15th – Saturday 22nd September 1979 in the Auditorium

Although born in Ireland, Sheridan is arguably the most English of all playwrights. His plays capture a unique quality of both place and time. The language is less contrived than Congreve, more stylish than Vanbrugh and a direct precursor of the wit and wisdom of Wilde and Coward.

The School for Scandal is supreme among his plays for its rich characterisation, polished good humour and the dramatic effect of this exposé of the selfishness, envy and hypocrisy of the brittle society of the time.

Part of the Barn’s 1979/1980 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Sir Peter Teazle-Neil Gill
Sir Oliver Surface-Stanley Meyrick
Sir Benjamin Backbite-David Valler
Joseph Surface-John Arthur
Charles Surface-John Lloyd
Careless-George Blee
Snake-Anthony Child
Crabtree-Brian King
Rowley-Thomas Clarke
Moses-Peter Thomas
Trip-Brian King
Sir Harry Bumper-Ray Aspey
Gentleman-David Maxwell
Negro Boy-Anna Pepper
Lady Teazle-Lesley Keith
Lady Sneerwell-Isla Petch
Mrs Candour-Lilian Allman
Maria-Rosemary Hayes
Maids-Janet Lloyd
Beryl Blatherwick

Creative team

Director-Mervyn Lloyd
Stage Managers-Janet Lloyd
Kay Coppock
Beryl Blatherwick
Set Constructors-Adrian Sims
Ken Coppock
Members of The Barn Theatre Club
Set Painter-Shirley Austin
Lighting-Brenda Newey
John Cunningham
Wardrobe Mistress-Carole Couzens
Costumes-Juliet Lloyd
Margaret McKever
Members of The Barn Theatre Club
Hairdresser-Marion Carter
Properties-Daphne Jones
Miriam Hill
Portraits-John Ellis
Prompter-Marjorie Then-Bergh
Set Designer-Michael McKever
Music Directed-Ray Aspey
Assistant Director-Joan Goodwin
Box Office-Joan Parsons
Production Secretary-Sylvia Pepper

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