Archives - Tom’s Midnight Garden

by Philippa Pearce

Directed by Sylvia Pepper

Saturday 28th December 2002 – Sunday 5th January 2003 in the Auditorium

Brother Peter has the measles so Tom is feeling lonely. Until the clock strikes 13. Then he creeps outside, but instead of his 1950’s back yard he finds himself transported to a beautiful 1880’s garden where he encounters an equally lonely little girl. Is one of them a ghost?

Philippa Pearce’s magical children’s classic about a boy’s nightly journey to a Victorian past brilliantly adapted for stage by David Wood

Part of the Barn’s 2002/2003 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Mrs Bartholemew-Belinda Putley
Tom-Jude Kerswill
Uncle Alan-Bryan Rycroft
Aunt Gwen-Sybil Thompson
Peter-Jack Swanson
Susan-Nicola Suckling
Hatty-Zoë Watkins
Abel-Keith Bridgeman
Aunt Grace-Wendy Bage
James-Simon Cox
Edgar-Ross Wilcox
Small Hatty-Emma Burman
Louise Chapman-Hayden Bridgeman
Victoria Chapman-Laura Burman
Madeline Chapman-Molly Kerswill
Barty-Keith Bridgeman

Creative team

Director-Sylvia Pepper
Assistant Director-Janet While
Set Design-Eric Farlie
Lighting Design-Eric Farlie
Sound Design-Rob Wallace
Costume Design-Janet While
Stage Manager-Nigel Rive
Assistant Stage Manager-Lou Robinson
Victoria Rive
Set Construction-Eric Farlie
Pam Farlie
Set Painting-Mike Goring
Lighting Operation-Shirley Shaw
Sound Operation-David Shaw
Properties-Mary Cox
Stuart Reeves
Vanessa Baker
Laura Burman
Wardrobe-Shirley Thompson
Members of The Barn Theatre Club
Clockmaker-Barry Pepper
Skating Choreographer-Julie Markey
Green Room Assistant-Sally Burman


Recorder-Molly Kerswill

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