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by Brian Friel

Directed by Laura Powell Eddy

Friday 20th – Saturday 28th November 2009 in the Auditorium

Set in a Donegal ‘hedge school’ in 1833, it deals with issues of language, miscommunication and identity.

A hedge school in County Donegal, 1833, just before the potato famine. English soldiers are making the first Ordnance Survey map of the area and changing the Gaelic placenames to English. One of the English soldiers falls in love with the beauty of the landscape and the language of Ireland. He falls in love with an Irishwoman. He disappears…

Part of the Barn’s 2009/2010 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Manus-Peter Dawson
Sarah-Natalie Gordon
Jimmy Jack-John Keogh
Maire-George Marsh
Doalty-David Rapp
Bridget-Kate Keith
Hugh-Godfrey Marriott
Owen-Martyn Jolly
Captain Lancey-Richard Llewellyn
Lieutenant Yolland-Andy Hill

Creative team

Director-Laura Powell Eddy
Stage Manager-Paul Molyneux
Lighting Designer-Derek Palmer
Set Design-Eric Farlie
Assistant Stage Manager-Brenda Onyon
Lighting Operator-Shirley Shaw
Costumes-Christine Mackinven
Set Builders-Eric Farlie
Pat Finch
Richard Deacon
Set Painter-Rosemary Bianchi
Wardrobe & Properties-Christine Mackinven
Anne Eddy
Rehearsal Prompt-Anne Woolmington
Production Photographs-Simon Wallace
Press Photograph-Bernard Usher

Thanks to Dr Brendan Devitt for his invaluable help with the Greek, Latin and Irish, and overall help and guidance. Production dedicated to Moira Edwards, who died 7th September 2009.

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Friday 20th – Saturday 28th November 2009

Friday 20th November8.00pm 
Saturday 21st November8.00pm 
Monday 23rd November8.00pm 
Tuesday 24th November8.00pm 
Wednesday 25th November8.00pm 
Thursday 26th November8.00pm 
Friday 27th November8.00pm 
Saturday 28th November8.00pm 

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