Archives - Travesties

by Tom Stoppard

Directed by Michael McArdle

Saturday 13th – Saturday 20th April 1985 in the Auditorium

Hoopsa, boyaboy, hoopsa!

What other playwright could pull it off: James Joyce, Tristan Tzara and Lenin improbably stuck side by side in the parched earth of Zurich in 1917 and defended with antic and eccentric vigour by Henry Carr, a semi-fictitious British consul cast as Ernest in an amateur production, master-minded by Joyce, of Wilde’s Importance of Bing Earnest.

Hurrah for Stoppard!

Part of the Barn’s 1984/1985 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Henry Carr-Keith Bridgeman
Tristan Tzara-Steve Jacobs
James Joyce-Dick Breeze
Lenin-Desmond Harper
Bennett-George Blee
Gwendolen-Shân Fisher
Cecily-Sarah McCarthy
Nadya-Jo Davies

Creative team

Director-Michael McArdle
Stage Manager-Norman Merry
Assistant Stage Managers-Belinda Putley
Anna Pepper
Martin Gadd
Mel Dixon
Set Design-Michael McKever
Set Building-Andrew Gilchrist
Members of The Barn Theatre Club
Lighting-Derek Palmer
Brenda Newey
Sound-David B Collinson
Costumes-Marion Canadine
Properties-Deborah Thompson
Kris Moore
Choreography-Deborah Thompson
Poster Design-John Riley
Magic Adviser-Sid Slavny
Assistant Producer-Carole Couzens
Production Secretary-Sylvia Pepper
Green Room Coffee-Dorothy Otterburn

Thanks to the Red Lion Inn, Welwyn for the loan of furniture

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