Archives - What the Butler Saw

by Joe Orton

Directed by Roger Chown

Saturday 27th September – Saturday 4th October 1975 in the Auditorium

“You’re in a madhouse. Unusual behaviour is the order of the day.”

“We’ve no privileged class here. It’s democratic lunacy we practise.”

The chase is on in this breakneck comedy of democratic lunacy from the moment when Dr. Prentice, a psychoanalyst interviewing a prospective secretary, instructs her to undress.

Joe Orton’s last play will live to be accepted as a comedy classic of English Literature.

Frank Marcus, Sunday Telegraph

Part of the Barn’s 1975/1976 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Doctor Prentice-Brian Carman
Geraldine-Elizabeth Evans
Mrs Prentice-Janet While
Nicholas Beckett-Robert Harper
Doctor Rance-Keith Thompson
Sgt Match-Mike Jordan

Creative team

Director-Roger Chown
Stage Manager-Derek Palmer
Assistant Stage Managers-Joan Wilson
Dave Goodall
Set Design-Clyde Wilson
Set Construction-Adrian Sims
Dave Goodall
John Lloyd
Derek Palmer
Set Decoration-Chris Holdsworth
Rosemary Hayes
Lighting-John Cunningham
Vinny Cunningham
Brenda Newey
Sound-Heather Palmer
Properties-Vaughan Meyrick
Janet Lloyd
Costumes-Wendy Bowen
Prompter-Wendy Bowen
Box Office-Belinda Putley
House Manager-George Blee
Production Secretary-Beryl Blatherwick

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