Archives - Whose Life is it Anyway?

by Brian Clark

Directed by Louis Davis

Saturday 12th – Saturday 19th February 1983 in the Auditorium

Ken Harrison has been severely injured in a car crash and is totally paralysed; only his brain functions normally. The miracle of modern medicine is keeping him alive but he wishes to die. To do so he must discharge himself from hospital but being entirely helpless he has to gain the authorities’ consent.

The play examines the moral and legal problems thus posed and the reactions of the hospital staff. The matter is eventually laid before a judge who makes a decision.

One of the most moving, thought provoking and, at the same time, entertaining plays of our day.

Part of the Barn’s 1982/1983 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Ken Harrison-John Lloyd
Sister Anderson-Carol Monzeglio
Kay Sadler-Tiffany Woolmington
John-Neil Richardson
Doctor Scott-Elizabeth Evans
Doctor Enerson-Lou Monzeglio
Mrs Boyle-Deborah Thompson
Philip Hill-Steve Jacobs
Doctor Travers-Dave Davis
Peter Kershaw-Stanley Meyrick
Doctor Barr-Neil Gill
Andrew Eden-Ron Jolly
Mr Justice Millhouse-Tony Cole-Hamilton
Night Nurse-Jean Amato

Creative team

Director-Louis Davis
Stage Manager-Pat Walsh
Assistant Stage Manager-Beryl Blatherwick
Set Design-Denise Duffy
Set Construction-Charlie Freeman
Members of The Barn Theatre Club
Lighting-Brenda Newey
Sound-Carole Couzens
Properties-Denise Duffy
Jean Amato
Costumes-Phoebe Johnson
Prompter-Margaret Hakansson
Medical Adviser-Anne Davis
Production Secretary-Sylvia Pepper

Furniture and equipment kindly loaned by ICI, Welwyn Garden City and Queen Victoria Hospital, Welwyn

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