Archives - Wild Honey

by Anton Chekhov
Translated and adapted by Michael Frayn

Directed by Margaret Hakansson

Saturday 3rd – Saturday 10th February 1990 in the Auditorium

First performed at the National Theatre in 1984. Acclaimed by critics “sparkling and highly performable”, “A brilliant piece of theatre bearing the stigmata of genius”. It is Chekhov as never seen before. Frayn’s sure instincts for farce are unmistakable.

Platonov is a kind of early Norman of Ayckbourn’s Norman Conquests. He sees a woman (she doesn’t have to be pretty) and he reacts instinctively. He ends up with her on his lap having arranged to meet another in the wood shed and to elope with a third. Then the up train hoves into view… literally!!!

Part of the Barn’s 1989/1990 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Dr Triletzky-Chris Gill
Yakov-Nigel Rive
Anna Petrovna-Victoria Rive
Porfiry Semyonovich Glagolyev-Ron Thomas
Colonel Triletzky-Jack Wood
Sofya-Sarah Pearce
Marko-Clive George
Marya Yefimovna Grekova-Emily Fairman
Platonov-Steve Thompson
Sasha-Jane Pennett
Gerasim Kuzmich Petrin-Lou Monzeglio
Osip-Hugh Croydon
Peasants-Jo Shaw
Louis Davis

Creative team

Director-Margaret Hakansson
Design-Mike Goring
Lighting Design-Simon Turner
Sound-Peter Holt
Stage Manager-Louis Davis
Assistant Stage Managers-Pamela Gibson
Jo Shaw
Prompter-Peggy Thompson
Lighting Operators-John Cook
Paul Jennings
Wardrobe-Shirley Thompson
Sybil Thompson
Properties-Jean Amato
Iris Marshall
Shirley Shaw
Set Construction-Pat Finch
Nigel Rive
Set Painting-Mike Goring
Sarah Merry
Production Secretary-Sylvia Pepper

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