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Wyrd Sisters

Adapted by Stephen Briggs | by Terry Pratchett
Directed by Eric Chorley, Zoë Watkins
1st – 9th January 1999

Granny Weatherwax is intolerant, self-opinionated and powerful. Her best friend, Nanny Ogg, is down to earth and vulgar, and their young apprentice, Magrat Garlick, is naïve, fond of occult jewellery and bunnies. Together they are three formidable witches, who, when not hanging about on blasted heaths, are out avenging murdered Kings, saving the kingdom from destruction and generally putting the world to rights.

Sound familiar? It should do, Pratchett takes a healthy dose of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, adds a little Hamlet, mixes it up with his now globally famous Discworld characters and logic, and gives us a fantastically funny and entertaining play for all the family.

Part of the Barn’s 1998-1999 Season.



Granny Weatherwax
Magrat Garlick
Duke Felmet
Lady Felmet
Gumridge Vitoller
Mrs Vitoller Peasant Player
Sergeant Guard 2 Robber Guard 1
Chamberlain, Demon, Witch 3
Peasant 2, Witch 3
Peasant 2, Witch 2
Soldier 2, Guard 4, Robber 2, Wimsloe
Bowman Guard 3 Bedlin
Soldier 1 Guard 1 Guard 2
Actor Robber 3 Player 1
Understudy to everybody


Set Design
Lighting Design
Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Set Construction
Lighting Operator
Production Secretary

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