The Barn Theatre, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire

The Frontier Trilogy

19th – 22nd July 2016

A triptych of original westerns

The Frontier Trilogy

The Barn Theatre is delighted to welcome Shattered Windscreen Theatre Company to its little theatre this summer with their brand new production of Jethro Compton’s The Frontier Trilogy.  Premiered by Jethro’s own company at the Edinburgh Fringe last summer, Shattered Windscreen have got his permission to present the trilogy in Hertfordshire later this year.

The Frontier Trilogy comprises three short plays, each 50 minutes long, set in the wild frontier land as early Americans pushed their boundary ever west. Discover the chapel of Emmanuel, long forgotten on the barren landscape of California in a triptych of original Westerns inspired by biblical legend.  Taken singly, each part is a rattling good tale in itself, offering a satisfying 50 or so minutes.  Taken as a trilogy, however, you experience, finally, the kiss of the rattlesnake as all the threads of the story finally unravel.

Blood Red Moon

Follow the brothers as they journey west to California. Gold and fortune await, but so too does the blood moon – an omen warning death follows close behind. Brotherhood has kept them together; jealousy threatens to tear them apart.

The Clock Strikes Noon

Trapped, guns near empty, the clock is ticking. Walker must make the choice: to do what’s easy, or to do what’s right. The railroad shines like a beacon of the modern age; for the people of Cooper’s Ridge, it brings only darkness.

The Rattlesnake’s Kiss

Hidden deep in the dust of the American West, the outlaw comes face to face with the lawman in search of justice. His life of murder is far behind, but can he ever escape the man he was born to become?


See one part, see all three; see them all on the same day, see them on three different days – it doesn’t matter. It also doesn’t matter in which order you see them. The performances will be sold separately, at £5 per ticket. The trilogy will be staged at the front half of the building since the theatre, hopefully, by the time summer comes, will be in the process of being stripped out for the auditorium refurbishment. The last time Shattered Windscreen brought a production to the Barn (La Ronde, 2014), you were taken on a magical mystery tour of the whole building and this promenade production proved a very hot ticket indeed, quickly selling out.

CAREFUL! On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights Blood Red Moon and The Clock Strikes Noon both start at 8pm in different parts of the building – you cannot see both, but you can watch one of them and then go on to see The Rattlesnake’s Kiss at 9.30pm. On Friday night, all three plays will run consecutively, with an early start of 7pm.

Meal deal

Take advantage of our £19 meal deal with Terranova Italian Restaurant in Stanborough Park which includes a 2-course, pre-show meal from the set menu with a glass of wine and a ticket for the show. Download the menu

Not available Sundays and Mondays. Also, please note that the restaurant opens at 6pm so it is not possible to combine this with Friday’s 7pm performance of Blood Red Moon.






Opening 28th May
By John Finnemore
Opening 13th June
By Mary Chase



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Part 1, 18th Jan 8pm

Part 2, 19th Jan 8pm

Parts 1+2 20th Jan 2.30pm

Part 1, 23rd Jan 8pm

Part 2, 24th Jan 8pm

Part 1, 25th Jan 8pm

Part 2, 26th Jan 8pm

Part 1, 27th Jan 2.30pm

Part 2,  27th Jan 8pm