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Barn Theatre Club presents

Up Pompeii - By Miles Tredinnick

Up Pompeii

By Miles Tredinnick
Directed by Maureen Davies
14th – 22nd January 2022 at 8:00pm
Matinee on January 22nd at 2:30pm

Duration: 1hr 20mins approx. with one interval.

A riot from start to finish!

Once again the show was a triumph.

Dave Stacey, Burton Mail - June 2014.

This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Josef Weinberger Limited

The play is set in the ancient roman town of Pompeii just before Vesuvius is about to erupt. All the characters have been given latinised names suggestive of their character. Lurcio, is the head slave to the bumbling Senator Ludicrus Sextus, his wife Ammonia, their promiscuous daughter Erotica and virginal son Nausius. At the beginning of the play Lurcio tries to deliver the prologue, but is constantly interrupted by the demands of the household and the other various characters in the play.

There’s the runaway slave girl Voluptua, who’s escaped from a galley slave ship and promises Lurcio she’ll do anything he asks if he’ll hide her: Lurcio cannot believe his luck and hides her in the bathroom. Then we have the sexually obliging Suspenda who arrives at the house for a secret liaison with Ludicrus while the latter’s wife Ammonia is away in the country. Ludicrus not being at home, Lurcio hides her in the bedroom to wait for him. We have the evil Captain of the galley slave ship, Captain Treacherous and his dopey sidekick Kretinus who are searching for Voluptua. Then we have the upstart footman Corneous who’s after Lurcio’s job. When love-sick Nausius arrives he wants Lurcio to help him find a beautiful slave girl he helped escape, not knowing that Lurcio has her stashed in the bathroom. He’s written a love ode to her which he wants Lurcio to read aloud, which Lurcio does, but can’t finish the rhyme. Then of course there’s the bringer of doom and gloom, Senna the Soothsayer. With all the interruptions, secret liaisons and hidden women, Lurcio is quickly caught up in all the mayhem.

The play is brimming with innuendo, double entendres, and tongue-in-cheek jokes as Lurcio makes countless asides to the audience. Up Pompeii is a very funny play with laughs from start to finish.

Part of the Barn’s 2021-2022 Season.


Directed by
Maureen Davies




Once again the show was a triumph.

Dave Stacey, Burton Mail - June 2014.

As a fan of British comedy, I jumped at the chance of seeing Up Pompeii. I was quite prepared to get my titters out and it was just as well because it proved impossible to keep them in for very long at all.

Sean Marsh, Middlesbrough Theatre - 2011

This was live theatre at its best, You’ll struggle to find a show where the cast enjoy themselves so much on stage: the audience were buzzing as well, reliving their memorable moments as they left the auditorium.’

Droitwich Editorial, for Norbury Theatre - 2016

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