The Barn Theatre, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire


By Mary Chase
Directed by Belinda Gee
13th – 22nd June 2024 at 8:00pm
Matinee on June 22nd at 2:30pm

Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes with a 20-minute interval.

I always have a wonderful time, wherever I am, whomever I’m with

This is a show designed to amuse, distract and provoke laughter, which it does.

DC Theatre Arts, 2023

There is no performance on Saturday 15th June.

This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Josef Weinberger Limited

Whether Elwood is sipping whiskey all day in a dive bar or talking to his best friend, a 6’ 1 ½” invisible rabbit, life simply refuses to judge him.

Wearing a carefree smile that frequently explodes into infectious delight Elwood is all impeccable manners and imperturbable contentment, a man who’s never had an uncharitable thought in his life. He’s the most grounded person among his friends and family – who wish to commit him to a sanatorium.

Elwood never intends or wants to cause a bad situation for anybody, yet the people around him start to unravel. His sister Veta is mistakenly given a brief spell in the hydrotherapy tub and returns shaken and mortified, but bizarrely stimulated. Her good friend and family lawyer, the Judge, is befuddled and resents the fuss over Elwood intruding on his golf game. Dr Chumley’s pompous authority starts to crumble and his employees seem unable to prevent themselves from falling in love, despite the sanatorium rules.  Among learned and distinguished professionals, it’s the streetwise cabby who brings order to the chaos.

The play whimsically reflects on the value of true friendship and the validity of opting to eliminate life’s complications. The serenity with which Elwood experiences every encounter, finds interest, enjoyment and surprise, even in the most banal of them, makes him a refreshingly radical figure in the world of rules.


Directed by
Belinda Gee


Elwood P Dowd
Veta Louise Simmons
Myrtle Mae Simmons
Dr Lyman Sanderson
Nurse Ruth Kelly
Dr William Chumley
Betty Chumley
Judge Omar Gaffney
Duane Wilson
Ethel Chauvenet
E J Lofgren



This is a show designed to amuse, distract and provoke laughter, which it does.

DC Theatre Arts, 2023

You’re in for an evening of entertainment that will make you laugh, think, maybe even shed a tear or two, and leave the theatre refreshed with the fun and enjoyment of great theatre.

MD Theatre Guide, 2023

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1945, beating The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williamse.


Opening 28th May
By John Finnemore



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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Statement

At the Barn we are committed to promoting equality and challenging discrimination in all its forms. We strive to create a safe and inclusive environment for all members of the cast and creative team, regardless of their race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity and will not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment.


We acknowledge the historical context of the play Harvey and are committed to ensuring that our production does not perpetuate harmful stereotypes or prejudices, while also aiming to preserve the original intentions of the author and afford ourselves space for creativity and artistic interpretation. The casting characteristics specified by the playwright do not revolve around race or gender as essential to the narrative. We welcome actors of all ages, ethnicities and genders to audition for this play as we endeavour to engender a diverse and inclusive production.

Part 1, 18th Jan 8pm

Part 2, 19th Jan 8pm

Parts 1+2 20th Jan 2.30pm

Part 1, 23rd Jan 8pm

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Part 1, 25th Jan 8pm

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Part 1, 27th Jan 2.30pm

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